Prof. Dr. Eberhard Scholz


Eberhard is a senior physician (Oberarzt) and head of the Invasive electrophysiology lab and a research group at the University hospital Heidelberg. As a cardiologist he is the main expert for all medical questions.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Sager


Sebastian is the chair for Mathematical Optimization at the Otto-von-Guericke-University at Magdeburg. He holds a diploma, a PhD and a habilitation in mathematics and received the ERC Consolidator Grant  

MODEST (EU funding) in 2014.

Dr. Florian Kehrle


Florian holds a diploma and PhD in mathematics and computer science and wrote his dissertation about Inverse Simulation for Cardiac Arrhythmia. He has developed our product and has become an international expert on mathematical algorithms for the analysis of cardiac arrhythmia.

Fabian Müller


Fabian has a diploma in law. Due to his former role as an investment manager at a VC company and his current position as managing director of a service company he has extensive experience in start-ups, business development and operations.